Redwood Academy has proven records of success in helping students. Since established, we have improved and innovated in order to always ensure high quality of professionalism and excellence. Parents, students, and institutions trust us. You should, too.
In our English program, we focus on communication. Learning a language is actually learning communication skills. We deliver the language in appropriate settings and contexts, thus enabling and facilitating students to develop their English skills. Therefore, our language program is practical and relevant.
Most often you do, unless English is your first language. At any rate, it takes time and extra work to be able to think like the natives do. Especially in writing and speaking, your English skills may need further polishing. They must sound natural in the proper syntax. You also need to know when to use the language appropriately.
Well, you would want to know your accurate level of proficiency. Some English tests have international standard of grading, and it is also widely recognized. IELTS and TOEFL are among those tests. Whatever you decide to take, you likely need preparation and coaching. Redwood Academy is the right place to do just that.
Yes, we do. However, internationally recognized certificate means you need to take international testing system. At the end of each course, Redwood Academy provides institutional certificate.
Yes, of course. We provide customized program to best suit your needs. Our business programs, for example, provide specific courses to working people. We also offer private classes for conversation, with topics suitable to flight attendants, personal assistants, marketing people, human resources, housewives, and many others. Tell us what you need, and we can create one for you.
Absolutely! Why don’t you contact us for our Corporate Training Programs? We offer various business-setting English programs and can even customize one for you. You can have the course in a private class, or as an in-house training with other colleagues at your company.