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Mar 07‚ 2018

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May 03‚ 2017

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About Redwood Academy

Ben Adidas BW 2

Redwood Academy delivers

Redwood Academy delivers its program in a professional yet relaxed atmosphere which has been widely accepted by the staff at adidas. I have absolute confidence in recommending Redwood Academy as a very professional organization. (Benjamin Handradjasa, Presiden Director/Country Manager - 2012)


When I first came to Redwood, my writing band was 6 and that was the highest I could ever get. But after 32-hour course at Redwood, I finally got my required 6.5 for writing. Now I could apply to the university in the U.S. Thank you Mr. Daniel! --Jeanny


Got higher than expectation - I think IELTS is a very tricky english exam so you need help from the very best and I got it from Redwood Academy.
Their tutor can detect the weakest and strongest aspect of your english. And by that, they can easily give you directions to improve your english commands. Originally I aimed for a 6.5 band of IELTS for my requirement to continue my study and I started from 5.5. At first it seemed impossible. But with their full supports I can finally achieve way over my target, a 7.5. Thank you very much, Redwood Academy, especially to my tutor Mr. Daniel.


I got flying colors - Thank you banget Redwood udah bener-bener ngebantuin aku lulus IELTS dengan bagus! Nilaiku 8.5! Beda jauh banget sama nilai aku pas placement test di awal… Metode mengajar guru-gurunya kerasa banget efektif, orang-orangnya asik, dan suasananya mendukung juga. Beneran deh bersyukur banget preparation test IELTSnya di Redwood, berbuah hasil yang sangat positif!


I'm going to England - Thank you for the amazing 24 hours which helped me to improve my IELTS skill. I got 6.5 on the overall score and no components below 6.5 then I am accepted in University of Manchester. The teachers, Mr. Daniel and Mr. Paul are super kind, nice, supportive, and helpful. Redwood is suitable for full time workers like me who only have limited hours to study in the classroom.


Got my Scholarship - Thank you very much for your help Mr. Daniel, I am accepted at Asian Pasific University in Japan with 50% tuition reduction :)


Great Class! - Redwood academy helped me getting through my problems I faced whenever I did the IELTS questions. The instructors and staffs were pleasant and helpful. I got 7.0 for my IELTS.


Efficient and Intensive - The private system in IELTS preparation makes my learning process more efficient and intensive. After all, I don’t have much time to study English outside of my working hours. Thank you Redwood, my IELTS score is really satisfactory. I got 6.0


Redwood Rock! - I’m planning to study abroad for my uni-year and IELTS score is really needed. With limited time that left, I was worried because most people say that the test is hard. But when I came to Redwood Academy Bogor, my concern disappeared. I was taught by two experienced teachers who helped me a lot. I’ve never expected to learn in a place with great staffs and teachers like Redwood Academy has. I got 6.5 for my IELTS with only 24-hours test preparation course. This place is really suitable for those who need to prepare their IELTS test. It’s such a pleasure to learn at Redwood. Thank you Redwood Academy!

Asti Diar

Redwood Seru! - Pengajar dan stafnya baik semua, udah bikin skor aku naik, padahal tadinya ga nyangka bisa dapet segitu soalnya IELTS-nya lebih susah. Pokoknya Redwood top !!!


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